Retreat coming up at OLW

A retreat will be held tomorrow (Jan. 23) at Our Lady of the Way School in Stratton and all students in Grades 7 to OAC are welcome to participate.
The theme is “Confirmation” and there will be many different activities, such as ice-breakers, games, music/song, skits, small discussion groups, talks, and lots of fun.
During the retreat, the young people also will be given a time for prayer, allowing them to make their own responses to God.
For more info, contact OLW principal David Sharp at 483-5816.
• • •
Our condolences to the families of Claire Corrigan, who passed away Thursday, Jan. 9 at the Emo Health Centre. Her funeral was held last Tuesday (Jan. 14) at Calvary Baptist, with Pastor Andrew Hall officiating.
My memory of the three sisters, Claire, Sylvia Olsen, and Gertie MacMillan, who at that time lived at Queen Street Manor, was that they never missed a worship service, walking together down the back alley when their health permitted.
Brother Leonard West moved to Emo, joining the sisters for worship. Another sister, Eleanor Stone, attended Off Lake Evangelical Covenant.
With Claire’s passing, only Gertrude, who resides at the Emo Health Centre, and Edna Alexander of Thunder Bay of the immediate family are still with us.
• • •
Last week during the World Curling Tour Grand Slam Masters of Curling held in the tiny hamlet of Lively, outside Sudbury, we “visited” with our son, Jay Guba, who was one of 10 officials handling the tournament and one of four officiating the semi-finals and then the final between Kevin Martin and Vic Peters (won by Martin 8-7).
The “visit” was through watching the games on TV, which proved quite enough and interesting.
• • •
Last Thursday, upon arriving at the Emo arena, I noticed a different familiar face approach me in the person of retired Norman Cain, who was called in to take charge while Tony Bliss is on a four-week or more sick leave.
The previous week, Tony had surgery at Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg and released the following day to recuperate at home. Talking to Tony, he is feeling fine, with no side effects.
• • •
Cribbage winners at the Emo Legion last Wednesday (Jan. 15) were Gerald and Loraine Bullied (high), with consolations to Darcy and Liz Jack. Darlyne Bruce won the door prize.
• • •
During the time when the Village of Emo was changing to the modern water/sewer installation, I had to locate a plumber who could install the system under the house. It turned out to be Ted Tompkins.
We had to have the smallest individual due to the limited space underneath the house (it was only crawling room only), but Ted accomplished the feat and his work was fantastic.
The last time we spoke together was at Safeway, where Ted and Helen were shopping. We had a humorous conversation, talked about health problems, and then went our ways.
Lately, several health conditions developed with the Tompkins family. They lost their daughter, Cindy, on Nov. 18, and then Ted began to have health troubles which led to his untimely passing last Wednesday (Jan. 15) at age 74 at the Emo Health Centre.
To Helen and family we express our deepest sympathy.
• • •
We also express our sincere condolences to the family of John Angus on his passing last Wednesday (Jan. 15) at La Verendrye hospital in Fort Frances. His funeral was held this past Monday (Jan. 20) at Green Funeral Home.
A reception followed at the Emo Legion.
• • •
Dr. Bill Hogan and wife, Jane, from Edina, Mn., were welcomed at the Christian Reformed Church in Emo on Sunday for both worship services and communion.
Dr. Hogan’s topics were “Hello I Must Be Going” and “God’s Perplexing Ways.”
• • •
Donald Young School will hold registration for next fall’s junior and senior kindergarten on Feb. 5-7. Those presently in JK automatically will be enrolled in the senior class.
The magazines, QSP gifts, and cheese sales netted $3,003.53 for DYS. Organizing this project was Kathy Kaemingh and Bev Strachan, who deserve a big thank you as do all those who made purchases.
Thanks also to the Emo Horticultural Society for its donation towards the purchase of flowers for the school garden.
DYS students also have began planning their science fair projects. Another year of the unexpected is going to happen with students doing surveys, accumulating information, and researching the best for whatever projects they intend to work on.
There will be much interest and excitement on how well they succeed in their efforts.
Upcoming activities include a basketball tourney for Grades 7-8 on Tuesday, Feb. 11 (the boys will play at Sturgeon Creek while the girls are at DYS) and Valentine’s Day on Friday, Feb. 14.

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