Residents challenged to ‘turn off the screens’

Press Release

The Northwestern Health Unit and Healthy Kids Community Challenge are challenging you to “Turn Off The Screens” next week (April 30-May 6).
Print off or pick up our log sheet at your local health unit office and join us in celebrating “Turn Off The Screens” 2018 by trying some of these activities yourself or with your children:
•put together a puzzle;
•go for a walk;
•involve your children in daily chores;
•go swimming;
•play a board game;
•try a new recipe;
•blow bubbles; and/or
•make instruments and start a band
Our log sheet will ask you to check off all activities you did for that day.
These include time spent being active, time spent with family, playing outside, reading, and decreasing TV, cellphone, tablet, and computer use.
Did you know children need at least two-three hours of stimulating play each day for their bodies to be healthy.
Stimulating play for children means moving and exploring with their bodies, learning, and seeing new things.
Children (and adults) who spend too much time in front of screens can become anxious, stressed, withdrawn, angry, overly tired, and sad.
Screens include TV, cellphone, computer, or tablet.
Screen time recommendations for children:
•Under two years: screen time is not recommended.
​If introducing digital media (i.e., TV, tablets, and games), use media together and choose interactive, non-violent, and educational programs.
•Ages 2-4: screen time should be limited to less than one hour per day.
•Ages 5 and up: no more than two hours per day of recreational (i.e., outside of schoolwork) screen time.
While screen time recommendations vary slightly, all experts agree that less is always best!
Want to win great prizes while spending quality time with your children?
Return your log sheet by e-mailing or dropping it off at your local health unit office by May 11.
Kids won’t remember their best day of television but they will remember moments spent with you!