Remembering a fine lady

In the past week, I’ve learned a great deal about my aunt, Georgina Cumming, who had passed away last Tuesday from cancer—a disease she had successfully held off for 29 years.
She was the older of my father’s two sisters, and to her two nephews and niece, she was always the perfectly-dressed lady. On her annual treks back to Fort Frances, she would always make time for the three of us.
To us, she often appeared aloof and very reserved. Yet we knew she took great pride in us and followed our life streams of growing up, marrying, having children, and then following her next generation of niece and nephews.
She never lost contact with the friends she had grown up with in Fort Frances, or who she went through nursing school in Port Arthur.
As my brother, Don, and his wife, Mags, and I went through her apartment this past week, we learned a great deal about this marvelous lady. Cards and notes had come from all over wishing well.
She always seemed a private person to us, and even to her friends in Powell River. B.C., where she had lived most of her life since leaving Fort Frances. We learned she volunteered herself to help many in the community, but it was done privately and without any fanfare or recognition.
We heard stories of her coming to the rescue of individuals providing emotional and caring support. We learned how trusted she was from fellow workers at the MacMillan Bloedel mill in Powell River.
And we learned that several chose her to look after their estates upon dying.
Georgina had never married, yet she had friends who were as much—or more—of a family to her than we were.
Her relationships with the people she lived and worked with were long lasting and vital. She had her own adopted family of friends and children in Powell River. She attended their family events, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and births.
Privately, she made a difference to all those she came into contact with.
She will be remembered and missed, but her gracious style and supporting manner will always be remembered.

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