Remember to do it Wednesdays!

Welcome to our newest ghost town!
In offices everywhere in our suddenly sunny city, the key people no longer are available unless it looks like rain. With summer apparently already here for the past two weeks, everyone is gone from their dull places of work—either up the lake or cruising in cars.
Isn’t this a wonderful way to run a town? But Fort Frances holds the key to leisure and lets its people go whenever they choose to skip a day in the office, so callers have to merely wait and wonder.
Just remember our main work day, in summertime at least, is always Wednesday! This allows two days to prepare for the weekend and two days to recover!
• • •
False rumour! The Rainy Lake Hotel has not yet been sold although many wish it would return to our regular place of good food and entertainment.
Maybe the casino boosters will consider re-opening our leading establishment because it will be badly-needed if their plans work out here.
Barb Everett of the Northern Lights Credit Union here reports the “RL” price at $330,000!
• • •
A pair of friends who don’t mind being asked their ages—Bruce Biddeson and Andrew Doucette—both can take you away back in their very clear memories.
Some 94 years back, in fact!
• • •
Two young native girls carrying nets on handles were asked whether they were for catching minnows. “Nope, butterfiles!” they replied.
So summer stuff is really coming at us!
• • •
Phoning for a doctor’s appointment now turns into a three-month wait, I’ve discovered. Then remember the two-hour wait we can expect in our clinic before your doctor will see you.
Formerly, there were only three doctors here while our population was the same. Yet then we could always get in to see a doctor without an appointment whenever necessary!
Doctors back then would simply say, “Bring him or her right down,” when contacted.
• • •
Gerald Lambert and I were discussing district mining from the days of the late Dr. Young of Emo and his popular prospectors, Elmer Corrigan and Rollie Hyer, and then Archie Stethem and “Stratmat.”
There always was considerable prospecting around Emo where those folks were active. Once Stratmat attempted, through Stethem, to sell company stock here but to no avail.
Fort Frances never became excited over underground exploration although many outsiders were curious from time to time.
Now, you don’t really need the gift of gab to become a successful prospector but it never hurts to keep a wealthy audience or prospective backer entertained.
• • •
Joyce Gosselin reported our Fort Frances team “did very well” during recent Special Olympics competitions in Thunder Bay, especially the local boys involved who piled up first-, second-, and third-place finishes.
Joyce won in her swimming event—the backstroke.
• • •
A grey rabbit had his nose against my screen door one morning, like maybe “Nutty” had told him my place was offering free lunches. But I’d guess treats for a squirrel would not appeal to rabbits and he soon departed.
Now, I’m expecting that goofy Nutty to invite in a bear here. It’s like a game park around us at Aspen House in the east end of town!
• • •
I have acquired a second Marty Robbins record and must agree his cowboy stuff is all good. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for my own guitar to be repaired, as promised.
• • •
The people who frequent casinos speak of distances with disdain but no obstacle to their fun. As Jack Mutz puts it, “We think nothing of a 100 miles” and he and friends are all for a Fort Frances casino being established.
He has been around Minnesota points, such as “Shooting Star,” Hinkley, Fortune Bay, and other hot spots, as well as Las Vegas. He believes Fort Frances will really benefit!
Nick Wihnan is another casino fan.
• • •
A Crozier neighbour, Diane Glowaski, recalled when she helped my late wife, Emily, once chase our cattle back across the road where they belonged and Emily was knocked down by a cow but unhurt.
They managed to turn back the herd with help of neighbour Bill Mutz.
• • •
A run down the highway to Emo showed the fence along there is badly in need of repairs in places to uphold district respect.
We visited Emo’s popular Circle D restaurant on a Sunday for the first time lately and that’s always an interesting drive!
• • •
While the freight trains keep getting longer and longer, many of us yearn for times past when passenger trains still were rolling through here twice daily.
We had the noon “local” for this district, as well as the “speed” after midnight for visits to the Lakehead, and many of us crossed Canada by train.
The “passengers” and express cars all quit in the ’50s, after the war was won and our servicemen returned.
• • •
If we’re getting Loblaws on the Witherspoon property in the west end, when does it arrive? Folks still are expecting the big grocery store to suddenly appear like magic.
That definitely will contribute to our “Great Canadian Main Street.”

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