Rain dampens plowing

I’m still plowing at the research station here in Emo (although I had to quit on Friday when it was pouring rain).
I know a few farmers who told me they were still going on Friday, but I didn’t feel like sitting in the rain.
I don’t have too much to do, but it sure would help if the sun would shine a bit.
We harvested our switchgrass and reed canary grass last week but I haven’t had time to calculate yields yet. As far as I know, there is only one producer who’s been able to harvest their plots for the bio-mass trial.
We can cross our fingers for some dry days still–and I don’t think it would be too much ask to have some sun!
I asked for one more week with Chantelle and I was successful (she is busy cleaning seed).
At the end of October, we had 417.2 mm of rain, or 16.7 inches.
The norm is around 495 mm (or 20 inches), so believe it or not we are a little below normal.
• • •
My feeder steers left for Dryden this week.
I am so looking forward to next year when I can drop them off on my way to work instead of them heading to Dryden to the abattoir and then back again to be processed.
All this so I can legally feed my family and take a potluck dish to a party (it certainly takes the “local” out of “local food” this way).
Thankfully, we have someone to haul them—and Dryden still willing to take them—or we would be in a lot worse shape.
• • •
So the nice quiet country roads are not so now. Once hunting season starts, it is the end of the odd vehicle going by. It can be a steady stream at times.
I certainly don’t mind hunting at all, but please keep in mind that there’s likely a reason why properties are posted. In my case, it is likely because my brother could be sitting in the one of his numerous tree stands in a clump of brush or I could be feeding cattle just beyond that nice cedar swamp.
Please respect people’s properties and keep in mind that you wouldn’t appreciate someone not respecting your own place.
On many properties now, there are trail cams set up–you can easily be photographed.
I do wish you luck getting that 30-point buck, though. Just be smart and safe.
• • •
I was lucky enough to get Maddie and Marlee for the day on Sunday.
Maddie ended up spending some time in a deer stand. She was practising being quiet and ended up spending a fair amount of time there.
She did see one deer, but it didn’t come close enough.
There is never a dull moment when they are around—and you should see what they can do to a house in very little time at all!
• • •
Don’t forget the Rainy River Federation of Agriculture’s annual dinner and meeting goes this Saturday (Nov. 7) at 6 p.m. at the Barwick Hall.
Get your tickets from Rick Neilson or Linda Armstrong.
It is always a nice night out, and great time to catch up with your friends and neighbours!

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