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Last week, I was listening to many of my friends talk about what their children were doing at university. Parents always become excited when talking about children, and it never ends as they grow up and leave home.
Many students now have been away to school for six weeks and will be returning home this weekend—Thanksgiving—for the first time since leaving.
Many people already have started preparing the foods for the Thanksgiving weekend for their children and friends. By Thursday evening, the fridges and freezers will be stocked with their children’s favourite foods.
Our family has always cooked a turkey with all the trimmings, and for as long as I can remember, we have joined hands around the dinner table on Sunday evening. The dinner table traditionally is loaded down with all the treats that district gardens have produced.
Items have been added, with never anything being removed from the menu. My Aunt Marguerite’s husband, Weston, brought us a dish from the Caribbean island that he grew up on. Neighbours added perogies and cabbage rolls.
As our families grew with children, the turkey that went into the oven also grew in size while the amount of stuffing that went into the bird also increased in volume.
Beginning four years ago when the first of our children went off to university or college, the table has been shrinking—and the size of the turkey also is shrinking.
Last year, while I was travelling for one of my industry jobs, we were able to bring our family together with Marnie’s mother and her brother’s family in Markdale.
This year, Marnie and I will celebrate Thanksgiving differently. Brendan and Adam, our two sons who are at university, will get together in Ottawa. They already have plans to cook a turkey with all the trimmings.
Others who hail from Fort Frances will join my two sons for the Thanksgiving meal, as will friends they have made at school.
Those friends in Ottawa will start some new traditions. They’ll probably even find some new foods for the table that were not found at home.
We can all give thanks this weekend for the country that we live in and for the bounty we have available to us. We can look with pride on our children and their children, and share in the great delights of friendship.
Enjoy the holiday weekend.

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