Publication lists key programs, services

There is an excellent resource currently available to farmers in Ontario that provides a summary of more than 55 programs and services by a multitude of organizations, agencies, and government.
The publication is a fact sheet called “Programs and Services for Ontario Farmers,” and is published by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food.
The free publication lists descriptions, details, and contacts of programs from a variety of areas specific to the needs of Ontario farmers.
For example, under the Individual Farm Business Programs category, you will find information about the Farm Business Registration Program and the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program.
So, if your interest is in forest management, then the information contained in this fact sheet is worth a closer look.
The description or details of this particular program indicate it is a voluntary one that aims to maintain or enhance healthy forests by providing forest management education to landowners.
The fact sheet provides a program contact person, street, e-mail, and Web site address, and telephone number.
Also outlined in the document are Income Safety Net Programs, such as crop insurance and the Net Income Stabilization Account (or NISA).
The NISA program is designed to help producers achieve long-term farm income stability on an individual basis.
Other categories include Loan Programs, Livestock Programs, Compensation Programs and Business Consulting Assistance Programs, Educational/Employment/Advisory Programs, and others to build business opportunities.
This invaluable information sheet also lists 13 programs of general interest that may or may not pique your interest.
You can download the fact sheet from the OMAF’s Web site at or contact the OMAF Publications Order Desk toll-free at 1-888-466-2372.
Specific information for Northern Ontario is available by calling the OMAF’s northern office toll-free at 1-800-461-6132.
But always remember that some programs change from year to year, so it is good practice to verify the program information by calling the contacts listed for each individual program.

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