Prescribed burn done

From the MNRF

Fire crews wrapped up the Garden Lake prescribed burn yesterday.
The prescribed burn, which was ignited Monday, was successful, with good consumption of the old slash debris recovering productive land for new growth and habitat.
The slash piles are expected to smoulder for several days and fire personnel will monitor them.
With both aerial and hand ignition, the slash pile debris and old cut logs burned well.
In related news, no new fires were reported in the Northwest Region this past week.
Two fires remain active in the region.
Fort Frances Fire #21, a 0.1-ha island fire located about 70 km north of Fort Frances on Asheigama Lake, still is listed as “being monitored.”
And Nipigon Fire #39, a lightning-caused island fire located near Fluor Island on Lake Superior, is listed as “under control” at 0.2 ha in size.
The forest fire hazard generally is “low” across the region, with rain and possible snow in the forecast.
Hunters are asked to be aware that FireRangers still can be out fighting fires in the bush where you’re hunting and driving down the same back roads.
Keep an eye out and think safety first.