Plenty of farming to do these days

Well summer has finally arrived, and so have the mosquitoes. Unfortunately, it gets dark so early that you cannot work much past 8 o’clock without lights.
This weather makes farming much more enjoyable, but there is no shortage of work. We tend to have a big list in the fall and with everything being about two or three weeks behind, the lists are running over.
People are haying, combining and spreading manure. All of these things require sun and Mother Nature is co-operating for now.
Once the rain comes in the fall in Rainy River it sometimes to forgets to stop, so people are working overtime.
• • •
Poor Matt, his last week at the research station was no picnic.
We harvested all the grain that was ready. We did second cut on all the grass trials. We had thousands of samples in the over that were weighted out. We threshed about 300 grain plots.
We honestly worked harder the last two weeks at the station than we did this summer since the weather was working in our favour!
I still have a fair amount of grain to bring in, but it wasn’t quite ready. I have threshing to do, and lots of it, but it will have to wait until I find another person since this job requires two people for sure.
Seed now needs to be cleaned, never mind the pile of files (and dust) on my desk that need to be addressed.
The time goes fast when there is lots to do and deadlines approaching.
• • •
My boyfriend/partner and I were lucky enough to have Maddie and Marlee for the day on Saturday. Needless to say, we played all day so our farm list didn’t get shorter.
Marlee has discovered that it is no fair that Maddie gets to come and do all the fun stuff all the time and she gets her shoes quickly now when she thinks we are going some where. When Maddie first came she was reminding me that we have to remember to look after Marlee and reminding Marlee she had to be gentle with Karma.
Marlee is a bit more of a rebel that Maddie, she seems to have less fear. (She is going to be the rebel of the family I think.)
We went for a wagon ride, gator ride and spent most of our time riding the horse. The girls don’t like to ride double so we had to take turns, but Maddie seems to think her turn should be longer.
And funny thing, when she got there she was worried about looking after Marlee, but then she decided that maybe we could leave Marlee alone when she had her nap and we could go and ride Alex alone.
She then asked Clayton if he would baby-sit while we went riding. Maddie was telling me, “Sometimes Kimmie, I look at Marlee and say, ‘Oh Marlee, my sister, you’re so sweet–I just (yove) love you!’”
I don’t know if Shane and I were ever that nice to each other! We had lots of fun and lots of entertainment.
• • •
Instead of hauling manure, we fixed fence most of the weekend. Both jobs need to be done.
We were also babysitting Kloee, so this way we got to keep her busy which means she sleeps better. We think Kloee is improving, we only had to take one toy away from her; she likes to really start playing and squeaking at bedtime. Karma was glad when my mom and dad came home; Kloee still likes to get in her face.
• • •
A couple of weeks ago and young girl was riding her house down to visit the neighbour along the Kenora highway.
She was travelling along in the ditch and sadly the horse stepped on a glass bottle and cut a main artery.
She managed to get the horse to her neighbours and then had to call the vet. The vet had to come from Dryden. Besides a large bill, the long wait was terrible.
Thankfully the vet came but it is still a long wait for a young girl and a horse that was losing a lot of blood.
Please don’t through out your garbage—especially glass bottles. This did not need to happen. It sounds like the horse is doing well, but this is just a shame.
Keep your garbage with you until you get home, it is much cleaner and safer!

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