‘Plan’ is putting my beliefs to the test

“Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth,” urges Sheryl Louise Moller.
Okay then. Here goes.
It’s been six weeks since I’ve had any gumption to plunk out this column on my laptop because six weeks ago, I found myself smack dab at the end of something that meant the world to me.
My marriage.
Elizabeth Gilbert had the right idea in her book “Eat, Pray, Love,” and it is within the context of her writing that I give you my truth because I can’t seem to find the right way to put my reading public on notice on my own:
“The many reasons a man called Peter did not want to be this woman’s husband anymore are too personal and too private to share here. I would not ask anyone to believe that I am capable of reporting an unbiased version of our story, and therefore the chronicle of our marriage’s failure will remain untold here.
“I also will not discuss here the reasons why I do still so very much want to be his wife, and why I am still unable to imagine life without him.
“Let it be sufficient to say that, he is still my love, my lighthouse, and my albatross in equal measure.”
But I’m an adult and I know when to let go, and I’m practising doing that every day with as much respect, gratitude, and good wishes as I can rally for the man who means the world to me and who wishes to journey forward on his own.
However, I don’t profess to do anything of the sort without bouts of dismal interior dialogue and visits from my old friend, “Misery,” although I must admit she is not coming around as much anymore since I was discovered by “Shift,” who has helped me immensely by giving me tours in the department of “Thinking Positive.”
I also lean on my women’s circle, chocolate bars, and ice cream for support.
I’m always writing about the Universal Plan and how much I believe in it. My current circumstance is testing me on whether I practice what I preach—even when things get really %$#@! difficult.
It can’t always be that life is going to give us cherries and I think this qualifies as the pits. But I am determined to use the leftovers to build myself a lovely new orchard.
May I start by saying “Thank you.”

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