Working through it

Tovey family1

Cathy, left, and Tara Tovey enjoyed an afternoon in their yard playing fetch with canine pal, Sasha, on Monday. Through Tara’s struggles the pair have re-built a solid mother-daughter bond, as it’s now something they cherish dearly. Also seen here is the inspirational poem Tovey wrote to describe her disease.

I take the pill and scrape the coating off,
place it down on the plate and crush it.
make it smooth with the card,
and anxiously make it into a line,
I pick up the dirty bill and roll it up,
put it to my nose, and sniff there it go’s,
my pain, worries and care, all disappear,
just like that, all into my nose,
I’m flying high, never felt better,
my eyes are heavy, my pupils are pinpricks,
all I feel is nothing, just high,
this feeling is no longer a want,
its a hardcore depressing painful need,
so evil it’ll take your soul, so quickly,
I look in the mirror, at what I’ve become,
my hopes, my dreams, all gone,
how did this happen, I was on top of the world,
I thought I had it all, I thought wrong,
somebody, please help me…

By: Tara Tovey
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