Teddy bear fortunes

teddy bear fortunes

Stephanie Hagenaars

A group of youngsters (top) gathered as “Princess Annabelle” told the fortunes of their teddy bears at the Fort Frances Public Library’s annual “Teddy Bear Picnic” held Friday at the Memorial Sports Centre due to the inclement weather. At middle left, Madison Odahl sat with her teddy bear as she got her face painted as her brother, Easton, eagerly awaited his turn while Presley McCormick (middle right) channelled her inner artist as she and Faye Kinsman painted paper plates that later would become teddy bears. And above, Rudi-Lyn Bruyere brought her teddy bear, “Lulu,” to Dr. Elaine Spencer, who mended the bear’s arm and fixed up a “boo-boo” on its forehead. Jamie Spencer, Dr. Spencer’s granddaughter, assisted with teddy bear “boo-boos.”