The Kenora Beaver Brae Broncos arrived in Fort Frances on Friday, looking for a win. However, they were denied, by a united wall of opposition from the Muskies, who shut down the Kenora offense, and secured a 10-8 win. Sophomore Jaxon Strachan made a 65 yard run for a touchdown, followed by a convert from Hayden Beckett, who later kicked a 27-yard field goal to give the Muskies a 10-0 lead at half time. Although our young team has gelled into a formidable opponent, earlier losses endured while they were still finding their footing left the Muskies with a 3-win, 4-loss record, which put them out of reach for a playoff spot. Although this season is over, most of the players are expected to return next year.

– Dallas Phillips photo