Meet the candidates

Fort Frances Council candidate Wendy Brunetta chats with a voter at the post-debate meet and greet Thursday night. The debate was hosted by the Fort Frances Chamber of Com- merce, and livestreamed by Studio Gibbous. The debate is currently available on the Fort Frances Times Facebook page. Candidate profiles were also published in last week’s Thursday Bulletin. Voting is now open for Fort Frances. If you have not received your ballot in the mail, contact the Town. The final day for voting is October 24. On the ballot for council are Mike Behan, Wendy Brunetta, Kaleb Firth, David Kircher, Ste- ven Maki, John McTaggart and Mandi Olson. Six of the seven can be voted to council. On the ballot for mayor are Andrew Hallikas and Ken Perry.

– Allan Bradbury photo