Generous donation

life skills doll


Wendy Wiebe of Weebiedolls Nursery donated an incredibly lifelike doll she made to Rainycrest Long Term Care on May 16. The baby doll artist, who has local ties, saw the article in the Fort Frances Times on the Life Skills Nursery program, reached out to Riverside and offered to donate a doll. She creates these dolls for clients but also for long-term care programs at different facilities in Manitoba. Wiebe normally sells the dolls for $550-750 USD. This amazingly generous donation will provide particularly meaningful activity for many residents at Rainycrest and the Life Skills Nursery program. Pictured here are Rainycrest resident Marlene Pitkanen, seated, along with Rainycrest activation co-ordinator Heather Hudson, left, Wiebe, and activity worker Elizabeth Logue.