Faces Behind the Helmet

This week we sat down with Keelan Hall driver of the #3H Wissota Midwest Modified.

What is your favourite race track food? From the canteen it’s smokies but if I’m making food after the races it’s definitely BBQ steaks.

At what age did you start racing? I started when I was 43 years old. I started with a Midwest Modified which was a huge learning curve but I’m thorough it.

Why did you start racing? It was always something I wanted to try since I was a teenager. I didn’t have a lot of money growing up and I spent most of my time working and later started a logging company with my brother and a welding repair and fabrication company so there was absolutely no spare time for hobbies. When my youngest brother passed away my priorities changed and I started to focus on things that I felt were more important. One of those things was learning how to race a Midwest Modified and spending less time at work. I like dirt track racing because it’s a sport that engages the whole family.

What advice would you give to someone who would like to start racing? I don’t feel overly qualified to provide a lot of advice as I’m still learning. I have learned that the more you race the more confident you feel, make sure you spend the time in the garage because it will pay off on track and finally don’t get discouraged. You will have to earn speed and it doesn’t come easy for most.

What is your favourite part about racing? I like the adrenaline from driving these cars. I also enjoy the family atmosphere and hanging out after the races. Seeing fans with smiles always makes it worth it even after a tough night.