Faces Behind the Helmet

This week we sat down with driver of the #57 Emo Street Stock Darrin Rea.

What is your favourite race track food? That would be the smokie I always get before races with onions and mustard that I only get to eat half of because I’m running for my heat race.

At what age did you start racing? I finally got my own car at the age of 46.

Why did you start racing? My dad raced the #57 when I was a kid in Manitoba. After moving to Dryden I joined a pit crew and after some travelling, found out I was in love with racing.

What advice would you give to someone who would like to start racing? Racing is a sport that keeps you out of trouble, it keeps your hands and mind always busy. It’s a passion.

What is your favourite part about racing? The track is a family you will cherish. Even getting off the track frustrated, the drivers and fan still make you happy.