Demolition schematics

Demolition Phase Site Plan-page-002 cmyk

Revealed on Monday during the town’s Planning and Development Executive Committee, these plans show the proposed phases of the demolition of the Fort Frances mill site. Buildings highlighted in purple are included in the teardown process, while buildings with an orange border or marked ‘N.I.’ are not included. Phases 1 and 2 of the demolition are currently underway, with a significant portion completed, and Town of Fort Frances Chief Building Officer Cody Vangel says that demotion permits are being finalized for phase 3 and expected in the near future for phase 4. The demolition of the mill site is expected to be completed in approximately 18 months, allowing for weather delays, and these plans offer a good first look at what the landscape will hold once demolition is complete and before any other projects begin. – Town of Fort Frances photos