Photo brought back memories

    Along came a district lady who handed me a photo of my long-gone mother and her sister, Aunt Grace Foors, mother of my cousin, Claude McFarland.
    The picture was a gift from Marlene Kellar of Burriss, whose very name brings up memories of my mother’s relatives and friends among the Kellars of Arden, Ont., where I visited during the Second World War years (the Kellars down east being neighbours of the Veleys, my mother’s people).
    Thanks very much, Marlene, for restoring my eastern memories from years I trained in uniform around Kingston. My mother visited us there one Christmas while her family surrounded us!
    Alas, only one of them, my cousin, Henry Veley, ever came here. He was a provincial policeman and a giant. But we soon lost touch, I regret to report.
    Marlene gave me recollections of Arden and her Kellar relatives had made me wonder about our connection and now there is something new added to refresh my memories.
    Although I cannot expect to re-visit the Arden area, it’s great to know I can easily meet Kellars here to help me reminisce!
• • •
    Of all the wonderful flower beds seen across town this early summer, few will catch your breath faster than the great rose bush being admired near the east end of Williams Avenue!
• • •
    That young woman who recently returned from spending 195 days aboard the International Space Station deserves a great deal of respect and attention.
    Her feat made as much news as that 19-inch rainfall that went to Texas while we were grumbling about too much rain here.
• • •
    I met Eddy Domanski on my morning ride and I thought immediately of the Rainy Lake Hotel standing empty downtown yet—and what a shame because it was long our social centre.
    The Domanskis (Eddy and brother, Carl, and their father, Joe) helped keep it popular long before all our motel appeared.
    Now Carl is gone and their family has faded from the days when the Domanskis also operated a creamery near the CNR depot. Families having their energy do not appear here often.
• • •
    The proposed new Fort Frances library may be a great idea but what about the general condition of all our bumpy roads?
• • •
    A beautiful big doe and her two large fawns are regular visitors around Aspen Apartments this early summer! Gardeners are not grateful for damages, however!
• • •
    Scott Downs is my latest medical attendant and much-appreciated nurse! If your health problems require attention, get him if you can!
    The “Com Care” nurses I’ve met are unusually attentive as a group and we’re lucky to have them with us.
• • •
    I am continually discovering new neighbourhoods in the town I grew up in and imagined I knew fairly well.
    Exploring aboard the handi-van with driver Jeremy Wilson, starting from the old high school, we reached Kaitlyn Drive. Along the way, I had my eyes opened to a brand new section.
    The old East End is no more!
• • •
    It was great to witness the start of our Canada Day parade down by the river at the pulpwood piles which have given us so many years of prosperity and see the Highlanders and other groups throwing as much enthusiasm into the celebration despite the threat of rain.
    But we could not have lasted 140 years here without all the rains we depend on!
    And our friends from everywhere were right with us all day long. Among our many visitors, I was happy to meet Ila McLennan, from Appleton, Wis., a former secretary to our paper mill manager, Lorne Swansen, Bob Myers and Wilbur Mose from Emo, and many other district folks, as well as George and Diane Glowasky of Crozier whom I had not met lately.
    The latter couple has two sons, Kiley and Travis, doing well in business.
• • •
    Maybe my chum “Nutty” doesn’t make the news so often anymore, being too full of borrowed peanuts. But he doesn’t practise discrimination, either, because he is allowing no fewer than four large black crows to inhabit his balcony at my apartment and occasionally grab some peanuts also!
    How much more can he share with all comers in order to become the big boss of all around? You see, Nutty demonstrates ambition much larger than he is!
• • •
    Before the day warms up, several consecutive mornings have felt more like October than the start of the hottest month of our year! But at least now rain is not arriving every day!
• • •
    Put two holidays back to back and what happens is a noticeable work stoppage. Or maybe we’ve earned that break and too bad it cannot continue indefinitely.
    Mind you, confusion sets in with prolonged holidays—unaccustomed as most are!
    While I enjoy both the handi-van and Dial-a-Ride services, and their low rates, I wish they’d get together so there is always one of their low-cost riders available every day, including holidays!

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