I came to Rainy River 20 years ago to serve in the United Church of Canada for the Pastoral Charge of Rainy River/Stratton, and fell in love with the area and its people.
After suffering some health problems, I retired and headed back to Winnipeg, where I could concentrate on spoiling my two grandsons.
When my health improved, I realized how much I missed living in a small town, where it might take 20 minutes to pick up the mail, depending on how many people you met along the way. So five years ago, I moved back here–one of the best decisions I could have made.
I am just finishing my first four-year term as a councillor for the Town of Rainy River. Even though I have 20-plus years’ prior experience in Winnipeg managing residential and condominium properties, I found there was much to be learned regarding municipal government.
One of the reasons I hope to serve a second term is to put what I have learned to good use.
As everyone living in the Rainy River knows, there are many challenges facing all of us. As for the Town of Rainy River, many things people would like to see happen won’t come easy given the small tax base we have to work with.
Our town has done well in replacing some of the “very old” sewer and water lines. But even though the government has provided substantial grant money for infrastructure, the grants do not cover 100 percent of the costs and the town still has to finance a sizable shortfall.
Jobs, jobs, jobs are what we need for our town! And it’s bit of a “Catch 22” because in order to attract people looking for jobs, we have to have appropriate housing.
So jobs, housing, and more businesses=a higher tax base=who knows what new possibilities could be achieved!
Jobs, housing (both for families, singles, and retired folks), and a full-time restaurant would be great; maybe a new recreation centre!
Okay, now I’m dreaming–but I would like to serve another four years in the hopes that some dreams will come true.
Editor’s note: Larry Armstrong, Susan Carpenter, Brent R. Hegelson, Neil David Ivall, Martin Kreger, Gerald (Gerry) Pasloski, and Gordon Prost also are running for Rainy River council but did not submit profiles by the deadline.