Owning a cabin worth the dream

Some people think you need to “read the stars” to see the future, but for me a night of admiring the stars kindled my fate.
So begins the story of how I came to live at the cabin.
It was spring in 1993 and a bunch of friends and I decided to go to my parents’ cabin to both celebrate graduating university and to commiserate about the wielding recession. None of us could find career-related jobs, and I had a lot of stress about how I was going to pay off my student loans.
At the time, finding the person I could spend a life with seemed out of reach—and owning a remote piece of heaven was unfathomable.
So here comes the irony.
On the last night of that getaway holiday, one of the guys in the group (there because of a mutual friend) asked about the cabin next door with the “for sale” sign staked in the front yard.
I liked the guy, although I couldn’t figure out why because he wasn’t the least bit outdoorsy. He had just graduated with a computer engineering degree, was interviewing for jobs in large cities, and he didn’t wander much past the cabin’s front door.
The two of us explored the property for sale, however, and after admiring the silhouetted elegance of some of the larger trees, we stood at the end of the dock.
Then something surprising happened. In the brightness of the night, I managed to catch a glance of my companion’s face as he admired the stars.
He was awe-inspired. The beauty of that place ignited in him something important he didn’t know was missing.
There’s nothing like sharing the splendor of a twinkling roof to provide calm about your place in the world.
Then, after breathing in the beauty of that night, he finally leaned over.
And that’s the story of the night my husband first kissed me, and when our sparking dreams began to take hold.
We eventually commenced on a journey to save enough money to acquire a cabin of our own. And thanks to the Internet, we work our jobs online.
What’s unexplainable, however, is the fact that we ended up with the property where we had our first kiss. That feels more like planets aligning.
Regardless, the cabin is what keeps us together.
We built a new place there, hauling everything needed across the lake, and now we spend our free time hiking, canoeing, snowmobiling, cooking over fires, and discovering the ever-changing wonders of the seasons.
There are hundreds of creatures there to keep us company, and some wonderful part-time human neighbours, as well.
And when we stand on the end of our dock to admire the stars today, we can’t help but praise our shining fate. If we didn’t take time to admire the stars that first night, we wouldn’t have reached our dream.
P.S. On that first starry night, our cabin was valued at almost a third of what it was appraised at when we purchased the place 12 years later.
Incredibly, the value of cabin real estate has continued to climb.
With the help of Chad Jack of Cousineau Real Estate, next week’s column will be about cabin values in Rainy River District.
If anyone wishes to contribute information on this, or any other cabin life topic, please e-mail me at joanna@escape.ca

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