Outbreak declared

Press Release

Due to a number of residents experiencing upper respiratory symptoms at Rainycrest Long-Term Care, an outbreak has been declared.
Despite significant reductions in the number of existing and new cases, a visiting restriction will continue to be in place until further notice.
Family members are asked to restrict their visits to the resident’s room (not in common area) and refrain from visiting other residents while at Rainycrest.
Children less than 12 years of age also should refrain from visiting.
Activation will continue to provide small isolated group activities for those residents not experiencing respiratory symptoms.
Until further notice, guest services for meals at Rainycrest is closed. As such, the Thanksgiving meal will be open to residents only.
We will attempt to host a fall harvest meal at a later date for the residents that will include family and friends.
Do not visit Rainycrest if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:
•stuffy nose/sore throat;
•fever/chills; and/or
•fatigue and weakness
Visitors also are asked to use the hand sanitizers provided throughout Rainycrest, especially at the entrance when you enter and exit the building.
In co-operation with the Northwestern Health Unit, the Outbreak Management Team at Rainycrest will continue to monitor the situation.
If you have any questions or concerns, contact Jodi Jewell, Infection Control Practitioner, at 274-4835 or Rainycrest Administrator Edith Bodnar at 274-2605.