Out of chaos comes order

You have to make a mess to clean things up. And when it comes to home improvement, there are no little projects.
At our household, for instance, we are replacing carpet—but first we’ve had to repaint the whole house.
For five years, my wife has been toying with the thought of new carpet throughout the house. The search always has begun in the month of November and continued through January.
But in between annual searches for new carpet, other home improvements or repairs reached a higher urgency.
A car was totalled while parked on the street, the wood siding on the house finally became unpaintable after 25 years. A bigger boat became more necessary.
So this fall, we finally made the decision that this was going to be the year of new carpet.
Our existing carpet was more than 25 years old and really didn’t owe us anything. You could almost see the wood grain of the old wood floor underneath it.
The sea-foam green had become a dark dusty green, and no amount of shampooing was able to restore it to its original shade.
And with the decision to have new carpet also came the decision for repainting the house. At first, it was going to be the ceiling. But once the ceiling was painted, lo and behold the walls looked dingy.
Throughout the following week, my wife and I talked about colours. And just before she flew off to Toronto, I showed her a set of colours—all very closely matched but with slightly different pale colours.
Her decision to me was pick what you like best. Now given the choice, the responsibility fell to me. And if I picked wrong, I knew that the following week, the walls would be repainted.
I lucked out. She like the colour on her newly-painted walls.
And with the walls painted, all the trim looked beaten up.
Sometime in that next week, we chose our carpet. It is almost identical to the carpet we’re replacing. It was then that we realized that when the original carpet was installed, the baseboards went on after.
It made for a very attractive look and hid all the blemishes on the bottom of the wall.
The boards had to come off—and come off without damaging the walls. The first attempt left a big hole in the wall (it wasn’t a little hole you might hope no one would notice).
Using a thin board and backing, all of the baseboards eventually were pried away from the wall. The dents were repaired and the painting touched up.
All the while, we kept moving furniture, emptying cabinets, and shuttling plants from room to room. Our basement filled up, and our sons’ bedrooms became resting spots for the furniture out of our bedroom.
I found a Christmas present I had bought for my wife last year.
And on Monday morning, my wife reminded me shortly after the alarm went off that I was going to have to go on a treasure hunt just to find socks and underwear—let alone slacks and shirts.
Even if I could find the drawers that contained the items, reaching them was a tougher task. Our house is upside down. It is a disaster.
We have reached the level of total chaos.
The carpet layers started Monday. With any luck, I will have a room to sleep in that night. With some work, the baseboards would be put back on by last night in our bedroom and maybe we can begin moving the furniture back in.
If we are lucky, that short project which began the week after Thanksgiving will finish this weekend.
Christmas season is coming and with it added zeal for decorating and confusion. Our sons begin arriving home next week for the holidays. So much for trying to bring some semblance of order back to our home.
I guess we can look forward to peace and tranquility in the New Year.

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