Our children are still returning from school

As with many parents, we have been counting down the days until our two sons arrive home from university.
On Sunday, I drove to Thunder Bay to pick up Adam. It is the second year that I have had my youngest alone in a car for a considerable length of time to find out what has been going on in his life.
Adam came off the plane with pent-up excitement to tell everything. As boys tend to be, he doesn’t like to repeat it often, and being first in line, I get the expanded version.
By the time my wife talks to him, she gets the condensed version. Then we compare notes.
He has had a good year at Carleton University in Ottawa. He also has been working as a volunteer intern for local MP Ken Boshcoff on Parliament Hill, which has been a good experience.
Adam has become much more strategic in his political thinking and more informed about the issues that face Canadians. In fact, he made the most interesting comment on our ride home.
He said if Canada’s youth took more time to consider the issues and participate in Canadian elections, the legislative agenda of all the parties would be much different.
He went on noting that Elections Canada should establish polling stations right on all the university and college campuses across Canada. As he pointed out, most college and university students don’t know a lot about the cities they live in and finding the polling stations is often difficult.
It made a lot of sense to me.
My older son, Brendan, will arrive home either late Friday or early Saturday morning. He is graduating this year from the University of Guelph and already has a job. It is in Africa.
He is beginning his life’s adventure and using his education to its fullest. Where this beginning job will lead him remains to be seen.
He and his cousin will be packing up their apartments and beginning the long trek across Ontario. He will be home for only a few days before he heads to Ottawa for briefings. Then he’ll be back home for a few weeks before heading to his job.
And while he is in Africa, I guess our garage area and basement will be filled with items he has collected in his four years at school.
For a short while, though, our family will be intact.

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