Opposition calling for action on illegal migrants

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA–An Opposition motion being debated in the House of Commons today calls on the government to act to stop the influx of illegal border-crossers entering Canada from the U.S.
Conservative immigration critic Michelle Rempel and public safety critic Pierre Paul-Hus say they believe the government simply is throwing money at the problem of irregular migration that has been ramping up again this year, notably in Quebec.
Concerns were raised last week by the Quebec government over the mounting pressures caused by the tens of thousands of asylum seekers pouring into that province over the last year.
Some officials are projecting a further 400 people a day could cross into Quebec through forest paths this summer to claim asylum in Canada–a situation Rempel says only will exacerbate ongoing backlogs in the processing of refugee claims.
The government has said it is working to ease pressures caused by the surge in asylum claims, including dedicating $74 million this year to help reduce backlogs at the Immigration and Refugee Board.
But Rempel said she’s concerned the public’s support for immigration and newcomers could turn if nothing is done to stop illegal border crossings.