OHIP+ program expanded

Press Release

Premier Kathleen Wynne yesterday announced Ontario’s plan to make prescription drugs free for people 65 and over, ensuring millions of people can afford the care they need.
Through an expansion of OHIP+, more than 4,400 prescription drugs will be available free of charge to everyone 65 and over.
Starting Aug. 1, 2019, anyone aged 65 or older no longer will have to pay a deductible or co-payment, and would be able to present their eligible prescription and OHIP number at any Ontario pharmacy and receive their medication for free.
This past Jan. 1, Ontario introduced OHIP+ Children and Youth Pharmacare, which made eligible prescription drugs free for everyone 24 and under and is the largest expansion of medicare in a generation.
By expanding OHIP+ to seniors in Budget 2018, people 65 and over now will save an average of $240 every year.
Prescription drugs covered by this program include medications for cholesterol, hypertension, thyroid conditions, diabetes, and asthma.