Oh, the joys of winter’s arrival

Ugh, it looks like winter has arrived. Sweeping and cleaning off the step, slipping on the ice–oh the joys.
I think I cleaned off my deck three or four times on Sunday. My house is on an angle that seems to get snow from all directions!
Since we will be closing down the agricultural research station soon for winter, I will just try to get a little path cleared out (though you might need four-wheel drive to visit me!)
• • •
I have 16 more trials to summarize, and I’m hoping (still) that I can get copies made for the Rainy River Soil & Crop Association’s annual meeting tonight (Nov. 24).
The meeting starts at 7 p.m. at the Emo Legion and everyone is welcome to attend.
Nick Betts, from Ontario Soil & Crop, will be attending, along with J. Bailey from Manitoba talking about growing corn for pasture and silage.
Our local ag rep, Gary Sliworsky, also will have an update on applying wood ash.
• • •
A fundraising dinner for the Fort Frances “Community Chest” will be held next Friday (Dec. 3) and I have been asked to “fill a freezer” with local meat.
I’ve had numerous people commit beef, elk, and pork already from my e-mail campaign. But just in case you are not on my e-mail list (or don’t have e-mail), this is your chance to be included.
If you have anything you could donate, it would be greatly appreciated.
The “Community Chest” has been very beneficial to many district families and this also is a great way to advertise our wonderful products that are produced right here at home!
Let me know if you have anything for the freezer.
• • •
Dan Ferguson from the Ontario Cattlemen’s Association will be in the area on Thursday, Dec. 9. We are planning to meet at the Emo Legion at 7 p.m. for an informal evening of “cattle talk!”
Dan is a straight-shooting, down-to-earth person and many of you may have met him in the past. He was here a few times hosting the Quality Starts Here—Verified Beef workshops.
He is willing to address any topic that we have questions about. Things that have been suggested include RFID tags and reading, age verification, check-off, and slaughter house happenings.
Dan had a great sense of humour so if you come out, I can promise you will have a good time.
I plan to order pizza—and you certainly can bring your spouse as we will have lots of room to talk and visit.
• • •
I’ve started the task of putting up my Christmas lights. I really am getting old because it just doesn’t seem as much fun anymore (or maybe it was trudging through the snow all day).
I don’t know if I got half finished, but it was close. I will work on it this week in the evenings (I guess when you are working with lights, you cannot use the darkness as an excuse to not get out and do it).
I have a few new things to decorate this year, so maybe as I approach them I will feel more excited.
• • •
“Karma” and I spotted a fisher the other morning on our morning walk (no, not my friend, Fisher, but an actually furry animal).
So my boyfriend/partner and I set a few traps on the weekend, as well. It is really fun checking the traps, and Maddie and Marlee will enjoy this, too.
Once you get a nice trail packed down through the bush, it is an awesome walk!

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