Nods invited for top citizen


Everyone knows someone who has donated their time and effort to the community over the years.
Now is the time to let the Town of Fort Frances know about it!
The town is looking for more nominations for its 30th “Citizen of the Year” award to be given out later this fall.
Deputy clerk Kathy Lawson said that as of today, the town had received a couple of nominations, but it would love to have more come in prior to the deadline next Thursday (Oct. 26) at 4 p.m.
Lawson said if you would like to nominate an individual for this award, pick up a nomination form from the reception desk at the Civic Centre or go to the town’s website at and print a copy.
You also can find a link to the form on the town’s Facebook page.
“People from their churches, people from their schools, the people that deliver meals, the people that you want to say ‘Thank you’ to–now is the time to do it,” urged Lawson.
“No person is less important than the other,” she stressed.
“If you think of someone that’s given of themselves and you want to nominate them, now is the time.”
Lawson said the nomination form is not difficult to fill out and, in fact, it has been simplified to make the process as easy as possible.
Just get a form, think of an local resident who has made a positive contribution toward the well-being of the community and its citizens, and write down their name and contact information, as well your name and contact information.
Then write down some background information on the nominee so the “Citizen of the Year” committee knows why you’re nominating them.
The one-page nomination form has enough room to write this information down, although the nominator may use additional lined paper to write more if they choose.
After the Oct. 26 deadline, the nomination forms will be reviewed by the “Citizen of the Year” committee.
That committee then will forward its recommendation to council for final approval.
The town likely will name this year’s “Citizen of the Year” in mid-November.
The previous 29 recipients of the “Citizen of the Year” award, starting with the most recent, include: Ruth Caldwell (2016), Larry Patrick (2015), Dr. Brian Johnstone (2014), Florence Hill and Jane McLeod (2013), Ken Christiansen (2012), Nick Wihnan (2011), Joyce Cunningham (2010), Diane Maxey (2009), Linda Hamilton (2008), Dr. Bob Lidkea (2007), June Keddie (2006), Patti-Jo Reid (2005), Joyce Gosselin (2004), and John Dutton (2003).
They’re joined by Jean and Lin Boileau (2002), John McTaggart (2001), Bill Gushulak (2000), Jim Cumming (1999), Walter Horban (1998), Terry Ogden (1997), Gord McTaggart (1996), Pastor Earl Swanson (1995), Mark Kowalchuk (1994), Dr. Audrey Johnstone (1993), George Wood (1992), Jean Scheirer (1991), Florence and Woody Gray (1990), Albert McKelvie (1989), and Dede Mallory (1988).
Any questions? Contact Lawson at 274-5323 ext. 1212 or via e-mail at