Nieces have great time at riding stable

This past week, I participated in another adventure with Madison and Marlee as the Fort Frances Nursery School visited Joyce Young’s riding stable.
The weather certainly could have been better, but the kids had a great time.
Both M & M loved riding and didn’t want to quit (I tried to reason with Maddie that she was lucky to have a horse to ride at Auntie Kimmie’s, and she maybe should let the other kids ride, but that only worked for a second).
Joyce certainly has her work cut out for her with numerous horses and dogs to care for. Of course, it looks easy when you show up to go for a ride, but these animals require a lot of care, attention, and feed. She also houses a lot of riding equipment (saddles, bridles, etc.)
But Joyce does a great job, and you can see and feel that she loves to provide this entertainment for the kids.
• • •
We discovered that this is the 50th year for the sales barn! We are hoping to organize a big party for sometime this fall.
It would be great to celebrate with some of the fellows who helped build this place. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
• • •
I missed the good news at the abattoir meeting last Thursday night as I was off to the volunteer awards ceremony in Fort Frances with Nanny.
Linda Armstrong nominated Nanny for being involved with the RRFA for 30-plus years.
It was a nice ceremony, and great to see so many people giving time to our great community!
• • •
The weekend was busy with the Emo Walleye Classic, the 4-H prime rib supper, and Maddie and Marlee celebrating their birthdays together. Again, the weather certainly could have been better. I was frozen selling prime rib tickets, then I was off to celebrate Maddie turning three and Marlee turning one at the Holiday Inn pool, where it was extremely hot!
There were all kinds of cute little neighbour kids, friends, and family at the party. I think both parents and kids were tired at the end.
We ended up heading back to help clean up with the prime rib supper, which again was very successful in selling more than 300 plates.
Thanks to the 4-H parents, members, and leaders who came to help out. A huge thanks to Susan for organizing and cooking this meal, and to her son, Dan, who helps out every year in some way (I think this year he even had to cook the macaroni for the salad!)
Another great thing that took place at this year’s EWC was the Masons’ booth that was providing a child identification program. I was very impressed.
I did ask if I could bring “Karma,” but they just laughed.
I hope everyone with children young and old participated. It was free, and not many things today are free. And sadly, our world has turned in such away that this is needed.
Great program, Masons. Thanks for doing this!
• • •
Since the weather wasn’t co-operating for grass cutting on Sunday, I decided I should do some cattle work.
My boyfriend/partner was home this weekend, so he helped vaccinate the yearling steers and half the calves (I am sure he felt very lucky).
Actually, it went better than usual. We walked up on the hill, and the cows and calves all ran down and went right into the corral–there wasn’t even one calf that didn’t go it!
Then we only had to sort about five cows out of the calves, and the calves were all sorted! It was amazing.
So, now half of my calves are vaccinated with their first vaccine, according to our new protocol sale! The other half will get done this weekend when I haul them to pasture (though I’m certain it won’t go as smoothly as this past weekend).
The cows are starting to get very anxious for green grass, but I was hoping we had a few more hot days to allow the grass to really jump up.
My friend, Allan, told me that the Farmer’s Almanac stated June, July, and August will be warmer and drier than normal (we are all waiting, Allan!)

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