NHL: Lifestyles of the rich and stupid

NHL: Lifestyles of the rich and stupid
Keep the kids at home because if I hear one more thing about the NHL lockout, I swear that I’m going to go O.J. Simpson on someone.
The National Hockey League is dead, so deal with it.
I know I have. You’re reading this from a guy who systematically starts banging his head on the wall if I see Bob McKenzie’s or Pierre McGuire’s mug on TSN until the basketball highlights begin.
All I can say is thank God for the National Basketball Association.
Cost certainty this, increased revenues that. Blah. Blah. Blah. Does anyone really care anymore? Does anyone really miss it? I know I don’t—especially not the Calgary Flames.
But am I alone?
It certainly appears so, but maybe not as members of the Borderland Thunder were gracious enough to impart their feelings on a subject that everyone seems to have an opinion on.
The NHL lockout has been, and will continue to be, one of the main stories in sport. What is your opinion of the lockout?
Morgan Cekalla: [Expletive] it.
Riley Dudar: I really don’t care. The playoffs are the only time the NHL is exciting.
Kurt Hogard: The highlights on Sportsentre suck without hockey.
David Gooch: The players need to suck it up. They get to play a game for a living, which a lot of guys will never get a chance to do.
Ian Lockman: [Expletive] it! Play hockey you greedy [expletive].
Clayton Windigo: The lockout could’ve been over already if they would negotiate more often. I think the lockout SUCKS!
Derek Fisher: There needs to be a new collective bargaining agreement that is more fitting for today’s NHL. Right now, NHL players make more than 75 percent of all league earnings and need a reasonable salary cap.
Who is to blame—the owners, the players, or both?
Brock Harling: It takes two to tango.
Scott Bridgeman: I think the players because the owners let this escalate to what it has become.
Tanner Kaemingh: Both sides. They both don’t care about entertaining people, just about the amount of money they’re going to make.
Tyler Gordon: I’m just sick and tired of hearing about it. Settle it already.
Andrew Perreault: They’re both ruining a great game.
Kevin Kauk: Both. The players don’t need to make that much, but somewhere they got to stop being babies.
Hogard: Who cares, just play hockey!
What is your favourite memory from the NHL (no Calgary Flames memories allowed)?
Aaron Boyer: Flames in ’89. The Flames run from last year, and attending all the rallies and going to Game 3 in the finals. Also seeing Mario Lemieux return to Calgary with five points and a hat trick.
Dudar: 1994 Vancouver Canucks Cup run.
Gooch: Game 6 (2004): Flyers vs. Lightning. Most hard-working game I ever saw.
Windigo: 1993 Montreal Canadians
Fisher: Attending Game 1 of the Western Conference final between the Wild and Mighty Ducks two years ago.
Ryan Mayman: Last year’s playoffs. I saw Calgary beat Detroit, and partied with thousands of people on the Red Mile.
Gordon: 1993 Montreal Canadians posting an unheard of 10-straight overtime wins en route to become the Stanley Cup champs.
Harling: The Wild going to the Western Conference championship only to lose in four-straight to the Anaheim Mighty Ducks.
McAndrew: The five-minute segment of Eric Lindros on Rock ’em, Sock ’em 5.
Dennis Morrison: Mark Messier saying they’re going to win Game 7.
Kaemingh: When Colorado won their last Cup, because that’s my team and because Bourque got his Cup.
Martin Kloucek: When Wendel Clark beat up Marty McSorley.
Bridgeman: Watching the Toronto Maple Leafs play in the Cup a long time ago.
And what is the maximum amount a NHL player should be making in a season?
Kaemingh: No more than $3 million.
McAndrew: Whatever the owners are dumb enough to pay them.
Harling: $10 million.
Mayman: Rookies, $2 million; vets, $8 million at the max.
Perreault: $5 million.
Hogard: As much as they deserve. Only one-year contracts.
Cekalla: $1 billion
At least that’s in Canadian funds.

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