New voting format spoils drama

We are now into the election season.
We have more than enough candidates for each office in Fort Frances while Emo will have an election for reeve. So far, though, only one candidate has come forward for Rainy River council.
Municipal election day is Monday, Nov. 13—seven weeks away. Yet in many ways, it is only one month away.
I regret that our new voting format has removed some of the drama away from the election. The new format that I speak about is the mail-in ballot
Prior to the mail-in ballot, candidates would be out knocking on doors and visiting coffee shops right up to and including election day. The drama of who would garner the most votes continued to build up right through to the time the polls closed.
In the final weeks, around coffee shops and in lunch rooms, the merits of one candidate would be debated against those of the others. The debates would go on for days.
Candidates would organize rides to get voters to the polls, then would wait and watch each separate poll come in.
We would see ebb and flow as one candidate would win one poll and pull ahead, only to drop the next one and slip behind. The drama would unfold all night long.
Nowadays, all of that build-up to the election seems to disappear. The ballots will be mailed out Oct. 23, with the election taking place Nov. 13. It is a period of three weeks.
The election day drama seems to be lost.
While more people voted in the last election under the mail-in process, the election discussions virtually came to a standstill the day after the ballots were mailed out.
Electors seemed to return their ballots almost immediately. People had cast their votes, and further discussion and debate was unnecessary.
Candidates now must have the majority of their electioneering completed by October 23. Nominations close on Friday, Sept. 29.
The issues—the visions—all must be laid out in the next four weeks even though the election is seven weeks away.

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