New ushering group for theatre coming together


With the local chapters of Beta Sigma Phi no longer providing ushering services at the Townshend Theatre, a group of volunteers is coming together to fill the void.
“We have about 25 names, which is a pretty good start,” noted Marlene McQuarrie, who is heading the group.
She said they plan to hold a training session for those already signed up on Friday, Oct. 16 beginning at 3 p.m.
“That way, we can get into the school and then continue over into he evening so that people who work can come over 5 p.m.,” she explained.
“We’ll catch as many of them as we can, and try to form a method of getting each person to do what they can do.”
McQuarrie noted one of the new ushers worked at the “tour de Fort” concert last month, so they already are starting to be worked in one-by-one.
And though she stressed 25 group members is good, more are always welcome.
“There will be no cut-off as to when people can join,” McQuarrie remarked. “If someone decides later on that they would like to help, they would still be able to get on board.”
McQuarrie said those best suited to ushering at the theatre have leadership skills and a sense of authority since there’s a great deal of work involved keeping everything running smoothly there.
Ushers have to monitor the crowd, sell and take tickets, help people to their seats, and ensure everyone is following the rules of the theatre—and they must do it all in a polite yet efficient manner.
The ushers also receive free admission to the show at which they are working.
“This group is no longer a part of sorority,” said McQuarrie, adding she feels there is some misunderstandings as to what is happening.
“By volunteering, people are not being asked to be a part of sorority,” she stressed. “It is now a community group.”
Ushers will continue to wear black-and-white in order to be easily identified, with McQuarrie noting both men and women are welcome to be a part of the ushering group.
Those interested in serving as ushers for events at the Townshend Theatre are asked to contact McQuarrie at 274-4585.