New combine now working pretty well

The new combine seems to be working pretty well, and we have been working on plots as they are mature.
It is much easier to harvest a 10-row plot than a five-row plot (I guess I should get better at that as time goes on).
The combine is a very hot machine so it is air cooled–and the air flow is directly on the driver. As such, it’s like a mini-sauna.
This week we are going to have to attempt canola. Since it has a lot of tangly, green stems, this is when it could prove to me not so fun!
The bonus is we are eliminating the threshing step, so I should be able to pick up some time (we’ll see, though). I lost a student last week and the other this week, so the entire process will slow down now.
Since I wasn’t able to plant a good chunk of the ground near the back of the place, I will have less plowing to do this fall, as well.
I have more weed control to do, however.
• • •
I had to be a grown up and stay home and miss the Dryden Fair. There is just too much work to do and with only one student at EARS, it isn’t fair to expect much work to get accomplished.
Dryden had excellent weather for its fair weekend, as well. Unfortunately, one of the jobs I should have tackled was my lawn and I still haven’t taken the time for that.
The sheep are not able to keep up with it, either.
• • •
My mom and dad took Maddie and Marlee on their first camping trip. Of course, they did it earlier in the week last week and the weather wasn’t so great, but they survived and seemed to have a good time.
We are hearing rumours of them going to Florida for Christmas this year, so I think I will start pouting now.
Maddie will start JK soon, so we’re thinking Marlee might be able to spend a bit more time in the country–but Maddie doesn’t think it’s a good idea.
• • •
Amos and Heidi decided to take a much-needed night off and went for a short trip on their bike. Unfortunately, they collided with a deer.
Amos and Heidi have injuries, but they will be fine in time. Alas, the deer didn’t make it and Amos is very blue that his bike didn’t make it, either.
We are all just thankful that they are both okay—and we wish them both speedy recoveries.
• • •
This is our cattle sale week (oh, how the time flies!)
We call this our “yearling sale” but, of course, all cattle are welcome. If you have any questions, you should get in touch with Clayton Teeple at 487-1465 or 275-8188.
If you would like anything age-verified for the sale, please get in touch with me ASAP.
• • •
Doug and Vesta’s farm provided a beautiful setting for the wedding of Billy and Alexis over the weekend.
Congratulations to the young couple, and many wishes for a long and happy life together.
Doug and Vesta’s kids are all married now, so they can sit back and enjoy their grandchildren now!
Good work, Doug and Vesta. You have a beautiful farm and raised three wonderful kids.

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