Never without my trusty daytimer

If any of you have ever attended a meeting with me, you will have noticed my large, over-flowing daytimer.
I don’t leave home without it. Even though I thoroughly love my BlackBerry, I still cannot give up my daytimer. It gives me comfort in writing down my lists, meetings, and reminders.
The other main reason I haven’t been able to give it up is the fact that I like to journal. Daily I fill it with weather notes and what happened (or maybe what should have happened).
I feel sorry for the person who has to clean up my many years of journaling after I am dead and gone.
Many of my friends make fun of my daytimer, but they also often ask me when a particular event took place (like when the bulls are out in the spring, etc.) My friend, Fisher, spent many a meeting trying to get his hands on it—in hopes of finding out some juicy gossip or at least adding something juicy to it.
This is also a home for my favourite pens. I like to journal with a certain pen, write my meeting dates with a certain one, and another for my expenses, exercise, and diet (I figure if I write down what I eat, I can guilt myself into trying to eat better).
Of course, I usually keep one other spare pen that is “almost my favourite!”
Now and again at meetings, someone will forget to bring a pen and they usually help themselves to my stash. I usually almost get a gut ache when they are out of my possession, but I would never not lend a pen.
Sometime over the last month or so of meetings, however, someone has borrowed my “almost favourite” pen and didn’t return it! I have emptied all my bags and desk drawers and it has not turned up, so now I find myself hunting for a replacement.
I even spent some time in a store looking for a similar one with no luck.
Whoever you are with my “almost favourite” pen, I hope you are enjoying it.
• • •
The Rainy River District Stewardship Committee is planning a “Species at Risk” workshop for Saturday, March 5 at the Emo Legion.
The idea behind the workshop is to talk about our rich abundance of nature in our district and how we can continue to work, play, and enjoy all of it.
You’ll have to stay tuned for further details, but it is shaping up to be a great day.
• • •
The Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency District 11 hosted a WebEx over the weekend for us here in Rainy River District. The actual meeting was held in New Liskeard, but 10 of us were able to join them with the use of the Internet and a phone line.
It is a great way to be able to participate in meetings that continually are taking place but the travel is just too far for most of us.
Since we seem to have some interest in sheep, Gary (our ag rep) is hoping to plan another information meeting with our sheep specialist in the near future.
• • •
Hope to see you at the Rainy River District Cattlemen’s Association’s annual meeting tomorrow (Jan. 20) at 7 p.m. at Our Lady of Way School in Stratton.
Please come out and hear the updates from our various committees, as well as learn more about the risk management program for beef producers.
Remember, the Stratton sales barn is a community barn and everyone should come learn and share about what is going on there!

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