Never let age slow you down

My mother is a youthful 81. The age old saying, “Moss won’t grow under her toes,” was never truer of anyone.
While most people have retired and look to a much more relaxed lifestyle, she continues to amaze us.
She was showing my wife her calendar for the month of October that had just skipped by last Saturday night. Every day she had penciled in at least one activity to attend or take part in.
Her regular schedule begins each morning with a session at Curves For Women here. She has to be there early so that it won’t interfere with her regular days.
Tuesday is breakfast at the Rendez-Vous with her former next-door neighbour. For the staff at the newspaper, she attends to “sacred Thursday.”
It is a group of gals, as they call themselves, or, as we fondly call them, the “Golden Girls” with the silver curls. For decades they have been playing bridge on Thursday afternoon after going for lunch at a restaurant in the area.
Then they go to each other’s home to play cards.
On Sunday, she attended the Legion tea. Saturday night, she was at the Chamber of Commerce awards banquet although earlier in the day she met with her friends at McDonald’s for breakfast, took in the Fine Line Art Gallery’s open house, and checked out several stores in the downtown.
I don’t even know if they found time to have lunch (probably not).
There was not a vacant day for an activity to be filled in on her October calendar. Some days, she had to stroke activities off and make choices to attend something else.
There was just too much happening.
And then she complained that October had been so busy that she felt exhausted. “No wonder,” I couldn’t have made all the social engagements that she and her friends take in as a routine.
My sister suggested that maybe she could skip some community activities—and received a short lecture on community responsibility. “I feel I have an obligation to go,” she said. “These community activities are to make things possible in Fort Frances and if we don’t support them, who will?”
Enough said.
And when I looked at the schedule, she had managed to attend every tea and dinner that happened in the month supporting churches and volunteer groups.
The amazing thing is that she is not alone, but travels with a group of women who all have celebrated birthdays through eight decades and who refuse to slow up.
And don’t even suggest for a moment that they could take it easy. They are not going to let age catch up with them.

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