Neilsons saluted for volunteer work

The Rainy River Federation of Agriculture’s annual spring dinner on Friday was a great night of food, laughs, fundraising, and entertainment.
It seemed that everyone was happy to get out for a spring visit as there was lots of chatter.
Congratulations to Colin and Trish Neilson for winning the Bill Gibson Memorial Volunteer Award. It is so nice to recognize and appreciate people while they are still active in our community.
One of the past winners reminded me how nice it was too recognized as we tend to forget to do this until someone passes away.
About a dozen or so beautiful baskets, and other items, were donated and Robin McQuaker did a great job of auctioning them off. It was great timing with Mother’s Day just around the corner.
All the proceeds went to the Gillon family. Hats off to the RRFA for thinking of doing this!
• • •
Well, between drizzles, snowshowers, and gusty winds, we did manage to get some seed into the ground here at the agriculture research station.
As I’ve mentioned before, we have a major tile problem (hopefully some funds will be rounded up and this problem gets corrected), so we have areas that still are untouchable. In fact, the geese and ducks are swimming around still.
Like most years, not all of seed has arrived. And, of course, some stuff cannot be planted until the risk of frost has passed (who knows when that will be this year–it was pretty darn white again Monday morning!)
• • •
Lots of talk about the so-called “swine ’flu.”
I am feeling very sorry for our hog farming friends. With this industry struggling on the best of days, they are spending a great deal of time trying to convince everyone that pork is safe to eat.
We have been through this with the “mad cow” scare in the beef industry.
It seems we have to spend more time convincing people that our products are safe. If everyone just took a moment to stop and think, we are producing food we are very proud of and are planning to feed our own families. We would never knowingly be producing something that was harmful!
If you would like to read a very “to-the-point” article on this, go to
This is a very blunt article. We all think it—we are just too scared to say it!
• • •
The kids here at the research station had to spend a couple of hours picking garbage again along the highway (which we do every year). I wish we could find away to stop people from tossing out litter.
Please stop and think. Some people live and work along the highway—we don’t want your scratch tickets, liquor bottles, or fast food bags.
Let’s work harder at keeping our roads cleaner.
• • •
I had the pleasure of playing all weekend with my nieces. We were swinging, biking, riding my horse, picture taking at the pond, feeding cows–you name it, we did it.
I didn’t get much done work-wise, like the grass still needs to be cut and you still can write your name in the dust in my house, but we had fun!
Marlee, who will turn one this Friday, absolutely enjoyed riding the horse. Older sister Maddie, meanwhile, was disappointed that we could hear the frogs but couldn’t find one to catch.
“Karma” (my dog) was giving Maddie lots of kisses (mainly because of all of the food on her face). She turned, looked at her, and said, “You’re sure giving me yots [lots] of kisses, Karma, and I yove [love] you too!”

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