NCDS joins campaign to push for funding

Press Release

Northern Community Development Services (NCDS) has joined Northern Ontario’s employment agencies that deliver Employment Ontario programs in demonstrating to the government how continued investment in employment centres across Northern Ontario will result in continued quality supports for working Ontarians and businesses across the region.
Across Northern Ontario, more than 30 employment agencies, in centres both large and small, are essential partners to local businesses.
Last year alone (2017-18), they served 4,217 businesses, placing 11,865 people in new jobs, and supporting 2,441 people to return to school for re-training.
About 90 percent of the employers they serve are small- and medium-sized businesses, which underpin the tax base across the north.
“Employers tell us that we are important to their business development,” said NCDS executive director Nicke Paddock.
“In essence, we are the HR department of the north,” she explained.
Employment agencies help to strengthen the economy, ensuring every dollar invested is leveraged and multiplied.
They ensure businesses across the north have access to the skilled workforce they need to grow their businesses, helping to reduce businesses’ hiring and training costs.
By investing in employment agencies, the government is directly supporting the many businesses that employment agencies work with every day.
Agencies across Northern Ontario will be speaking with their local political representatives to promote this campaign.
As well, anyone interested in joining the campaign is urged to reach out to their local employment agency.