Wet Weather doesn’t Dampen Plans at the Emo Speedway

With another weekend of rain rolling through the district, the Emo Speedway sat silently waiting for its turn to play in the sunshine again. Where last week it looked like we would be able to race up to the minute the cars were supposed to take to the track, this week it was obvious early in the day that racing would not be happening this week. Despite not getting to turn a lap this weekend there were still countless hours spent during the week to preparing the track and facilities for fans and drivers alike. So I would like to ask everyone that if you see any of the hard working volunteers around the district please take a moment to say Thank You because they are the unsung heroes of the dirt track community!

As we reach the end of July the dirt track community is beginning to get into Special season. Beginning this time of year, and into the middle of October every dirt track in the area begins to host their end of season special events. So to help out one of our fellow Canadian tracks, the racing actions moves to Friday night this week to make way for Lake of the Woods Speedway’s 2 day Dinner Jacket Classic. This will be their end of the season special where they will have their usual classes the 4-Cylinders, the Q104 Wissota Midwest Modifieds, and the Wissota Pure Stocks, with the visiting Wissota Modifieds from Winnipeg and Emo joining the action Saturday and Sunday on the 1/3 mile Kenora track.

As we break into August the Emo Speedway returns to its regular Saturday night action with five evenings of racing action left on the schedule. The first night of racing will feature our annual special guests this time of year the Emo Fall Fair Queen contestants. We will be following up on August 13th with the final night of regular Saturday night action and another special visitor during intermission, the candyman sponsored by Lou’s Sweet Treats! Following the last night of regular racing will be the Rea Memorial during the Emo Fall Fair on August 19th and 20th. The final night of racing for the Emo Speedway this season will be on August 27th where we will be deciding all three track champions. Should there be any more inclement weather, the Borderland Racing Association has scheduled rain dates for all the racing in August on the next Sunday with hot laps at 5pm and racing at 5:30pm, so the Borderland Karting Club can get all of their racing in. The Borderland Racing Association will also continue to offer the birthday special for the month of August, for kids 10 and under who want to celebrate at the track, please message the track ahead of time through Facebook and a tour of the pits and meet and greet will be arranged with your favourite driver!

The Borderland Racing Association would like to say thank you Visser Auto and Truck Accessories and all of the other sponsors who help keep all of the facilities around the track open. The Borderland Racing Association would like to also say thank you to all of the fans who were able to join in on the action Saturday night and to any other fans out there, if it wasn’t for you, there would be no show for the drivers to put on! We will be back this Friday night July 29th with hot laps at 7pm and racing at 7:30pm.