Mitch Marner victim of carjacking in Toronto, Maple Leafs say


The Toronto Maple Leafs say Mitch Marner was the victim of a carjacking in To- ronto on Monday evening.

The team says the hockey player was unharmed in the incident, which occurred in the city’s west end.

It adds that Toronto po- lice have asked that “neither Marner or the Club comment any further on the details of the incident” as it is under investigation.

The carjacking comes a

day after York Regional Po- lice released a video about car hijackings being on the rise in the Greater Toronto Area.

In the video, the force in the region north of Toronto say thieves are typically fol- lowing cars when they park, ambushing drivers when they exit their cars and stealing their car keys by force.

Marner and the Leafs were eliminated from the playoffs on Saturday in a seventh and deciding game against the Tampa Bay Lightning.