My cows finally have started to come home

My cows finally started to come home for water this past week (the swamp must have finally froze in).
They have a fair distance to walk home, but I will leave them in the bush for another month before locking them at home to prepare for calving.
Still, it is good to see them visit the yard at least once a day.
My boyfriend/partner tells me that my calves are really growing, but I find it hard to see this when you see them every day.
The sheep, meanwhile, don’t venture too far in their winter quarters—pretty much from their shed to the bale of hay and back.
Once 4 p.m. comes, they’re constantly letting me know that they haven’t been put to bed yet.
I lock them up every night and the more important thing is they get some grain!
Alex (the horse) spends a lot of time right now trying to pull down my Christmas lights that are strung along his fence beside my laneway (he gets bored easily).
My rabbits and cat don’t move around too much during this time of year—they just eat and sleep!
• • •
I attended Maddie’s first school Christmas concert last week. The wee grades of J.W. Walker did a very nice job of getting people in the mood for Christmas.
I also went with Marlee to see Santa at the Fort Frances Nursery School party. Marlee wouldn’t sit on Santa’s knee, but she likely will next year.
The girls were excited all week for Santa since we celebrated Christmas this past weekend (Santa visited the Bliss girls early since they are off to Florida for the holidays).
We had a lot of fun, but I just can’t believe how long it takes to get toys out of the package and how much there is to do to get them ready to be played with. Santa should really consider taking them out of their packages and get them all put together and stickers in place (Barbie jets and campers have a ton of stickers).
We then enjoyed prime rib on Saturday night (meat I grew and Clayton cooked).
• • •
The videoconference I was looking forward to attending (rather than travelling to Peterborough) was cancelled due to the wintery weather in southern Ontario.
I was hoping that a few other cattlemen from our district would get the chance to learn about the new proposed Business Risk Management Program for beef and pork producers.
We’ll now have to wait until the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association annual meeting on Jan. 20 to get an update on that.
• • •
We attended our annual “Seafood Night” on Friday. It was awesome once again, and we had a great time visiting and catching up.
It seems everyone has been so busy that we haven’t had any evening visits for a while.
Saturday night was a surprise birthday party for Allan Teeple and his twin sister, Alice Croswell. It was the annual Teeple Christmas party earlier that day, then the kids planned a surprise birthday party for the two of them so the rest of us could crash the Teeple party!
It was a nice night, and we wish Allan and Alice many more birthdays!
• • •
My boyfriend/partner and I went in search of the Christmas tree early Friday morning. We spent about three hours on snowmobiles looking and we just couldn’t find one!
We started back and went into the bush close to home—and there it was! So we spent most of the morning searching for something that was right next door.
As it turned out, I didn’t get all the decorations put on it until late Sunday night because we were so busy with our early Christmas celebration and all the parties!
Moo’ry Christmas, everyone!

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