My Canada includes the Canucks

Here we are in the transition season.
Local hockey is done, curling wraps up tonight, and the high school court teams finished long ago.
The NCAA is down to its “Final Four” while the CIS has played out its basketball (Go Ravens) and hockey championships.
The ice is melting at the ’52 Canadians Arena, and it will go out at the Ice for Kids Arena as soon as the Border Skating Club’s annual ice show ends this weekend.
Yesterday, another baseball season officially began in Tokyo with Tampa Bay defeating the New York Yankees 8-3.
It is spring.
Despite the fact we are still getting snow on occasion, and we won’t be taking our coats off for a while, it is spring.
Spring is the time for outdoor sports. Fishing season, baseball, and soccer. The time to barbecue, and fill up the bleachers and send the kids outside to play.
With spring is the best time of all: the Stanley Cup playoffs.
The last time the Calgary Flames made the playoffs it was 1996. I know this because, at the time, I was a big Theoren Fleury fan and, therefore, a Flames fan.
They lost four-straight to the Chicago Blackhawks (who also last made the playoffs in 1996).
This season, not only could the Flames conceivably make the playoffs, but all six Canadian teams could very well be involved in the post-season.
This gives Canadian hockey fans, or just Canadians if you prefer, a three-in-eight chance one of the teams that plays on Canadian ice may make it to the Stanley Cup final.
It always seems important to us here in the Great White North that when American teams win the Cup, we can always take pride in the fact their teams are made up mostly of our boys born and bred Canadian.
But when one of our teams wins, no matter how many Americans, Europeans, or otherwise are on it, it is special to all of us.
Whether we root for Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton, or Calgary, we all end up cheering for the last Canadian team standing.
How united of us all.

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