My Back Yard, and Yours

Dear sir:
Rainy Lake is part of my back yard and I cherish it. We as citizens of Fort Frances and the Rainy River District live near and have daily access to unarguably one of the most beautiful lakes in Canada. Fine fishing, breathtaking scenery and wildlife watching provide hours of enjoyment and draw visitors from across North America to Rainy Lake. But this could all end and I’m angry about that!
The shorelines of Rainy Lake are being used by inconsiderate and uncaring slobs as their personal dump grounds. My back yard, your back yard is littered with trash at every public entry to the lake from Fort Frances to Bear’s Pass and beyond.
Every island across the Noden Causeway has become a dumping place for personal garbage, dirty pampers, discarded fast food wrappers, unwanted furniture and yard waste. Broken beer bottles litter rocky shorelines where families have gone for years to swim and cool off in the summer heat. I’m mad about that and disgusted with the message this gives visitors to our area.
I’ve bagged and hauled trash from the islands along the causeway to no avail. It keeps coming back and now ends up in the water.
It’s time to take a new view, a proud view of the lake and place where live. Let’s all pitch in and work on making Rainy Lake’s shores a statement of our love and pride in the place we call home.
Don’t litter. Pick up trash when you see it. Do a personal search on the long term effects of clean shorelines versus trash on in waterways.
Report those who you see littering and dumping garbage on shorelines. Let’s teach our kids by positive example to take pride in the places we call home and the lake in our backyard.
Bill Morgenstern