Mother’s Day was well-spent

I’m hoping all the mom’s out there had a great Mother’s Day on Sunday! It certainly was a nice day to celebrate.
I had my mom working for me, so she didn’t really have the day off (although she did sneak away on us to sit and watch the sheep playing as we finally moved them back outside).
They were busy bouncing and enjoying their freedom. The babies certainly don’t stray too far from momma, but I’m sure they will grow braver every day.
Sheep really are very happy, playful animals.
Once we finished are chores, we ventured up to Green’s Barbecue Bar in Nestor Falls for supper. We then stopped and did some sucker fishing on the way home. Smoked sucker always was a favourite when we were kids.
Maddie and Marlee really enjoyed this type of fishing (I do, too; no sitting for hours on end in a boat).
Marlee also made me a very beautiful stepping stone for Mother’s Day! I’ve heard many times that mothers enjoy the homemade gifts their kids bring home and I have to say, “I agree!”
Karma was nice enough to give me a new plant, so the stepping stone and plant can find a home together!
The twins from Dryden were down for a Mother’s Day visit with Grandma Z and they both brought me over a nice candle. Thoughtful little kids!
• • •
I know I mention this every year but I still wish we could stop the littering. Why do people throw out their garbage along the roadsides? What a horrible habit!
Please take the time and put your trash in garbage cans–they are everywhere out there!
I saw Ms. Lee’s class walking in Emo last week doing garbage pick-up. Yes, it’s great to get the students out but why on earth do we have to go around picking up someone else’s garbage?
Here at the agricultural research station, it really disappoints me every year when we have to make the short trip down the highway to pick up numerous bags of garbage. I just can’t believe that people don’t think more of this beautiful country than tossing junk out the window.
Let’s really work on this and make the world a prettier place for everyone to enjoy!
• • •
On Saturday, the Rainy River District 4-H Association hosted a leadership day for 25 members and potential 4-H members in Barwick. They all were very well-behaved kids and from their evaluations, they enjoyed the egg station and ice-cream making.
It is great to see how kids interact and enjoy a busy day of events, but yet don’t even realize they are learning about communication and public speaking!
• • •
I left the 4-H fun day to attend Mrs. Fisher’s funeral. She was a very kind, dear lady who enjoyed people and loved to make everyone feel happy.
I am proud to say that I’m wearing slippers and socks she hand made. I know her family will miss her dearly, but I hope they find comfort in the fact the community appreciated what a great women she was.
• • •
I also made it into work Saturday night. I only have one student working so far, and I called and he agreed to come in for a few hours to do some planting (huge bonus marks for him).
When we left the ag station on Friday, it wasn’t quite dry enough. But with plenty of sunshine on Saturday, I knew it should be by that evening.
We managed to plant four of our more important trials (I wouldn’t have been so concerned except that the weather looked pretty miserable for the rest of the week). We certainly have much more to go, but at least we are started!
Let’s all wish for sunshine—and people to quit littering!

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