Mother Nature dragging out haying season

Well, I think most of my broken stuff is fixed!
I said “most” cause as I was trying to get my lawn cut yesterday I blew a tire. It was the second tire of the day cause a tire blew when hauling a load of hay as well.
It has been a bit easier to not have breakdowns when the weather hasn’t allowed a lot of movement this week.
Mother Nature seems to want to drag out haying season this year.
There is acres of hay cut waiting to bale—we made a few trips over to Morson this weekend as my boyfriend/partner was in Curtis Berg’s and Sandy Schrum’s wedding; and I saw lots of people trying to make hay. I understand that up that way (Bergland area) they are just getting things started. I wish you guys luck and drought.
Curtis and Sandy had a beautiful wedding overlooking Lake of the Woods. I wish them many happy years and good times.
• • •
My steers are back as well. The cows that I hauled down walked them all back last Tuesday.
On Sunday, I hauled all the steers home so that they can have some extra grain and TLC so they can soon become a nice steak for someone.
I am so pleased about the local meat being advertised and sold in some local stores. This is so exciting. It is such a great feeling to be able to feed you friends and neighbours.
I heard one comment from the store selling local beef in Atikokan. The lady is good friends with my aunt and she told my aunt that “the meat is so good, it is just like the good ole days when we butchered at home!”
Thanks to these stores for offering to sell meat!
• • •
For those of you who know my good friend, Fisher, he had a bit of a scare a couple weeks back.
He ended up being flown into Winnipeg with a heart blockage.
It turned out that one of his arteries was completely blocked but his body made a complete new artery.
It didn’t just make a small detour, but a long complete new artery.
He is on some new medication (his own, not something that he borrowed from his wife or mother), and we hope he gets feeling better soon.
We think only “Fisher” would be able to make himself a new artery but we sure hope he is back to himself soon.
• • •
The Rainy River Soil & Crop Improvement Association hosted their summer crop tour last week. We were a bit disappointed with the lack of turnout, but the stops were excellent.
It is difficult to organize something for farmers, cause they are always busy.
Of course, it was a beautiful day so we know everyone was haying.
Our visits included some excellent corn at Rainy Acre Farms, and we saw the reed canary grass plot that is a part of our pilot project with the bio-mass burner.
Aaron Kurokoski gave us the low down on his bale grazing ideas and experiences.
We then saw a very large garden that is carefully being tended to by the Abraham Gerber family.
I had to leave the tour then to get ready for the EARS Open House, but they also visited Dan Teeple’s reed canary grass (again apart of the bio-mass project) and the last visit was Annie & John vanRozen’s new green house/vegetable venture.
It sounded like they also had a few minutes to drive by some of Larry Lambs field crops as well.
The tour then came and joined us at our open house. Deb and Marg had a nice beef on a bun meal ready for the tour and guests of the open house.
I think our attendance was down at our open house as well, but it was a beautiful night and we haven’t had too many of those this year.
If you missed the night but would like to see what we are growing or doing, please stop in.
The work we do is for the district so we are only successful if we are sharing our information!

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