Marlee enjoyed her third birthda

? Marlee celebrated her third birthday this past weekend, and we celebrated by making home-made ice cream and doing lots of four-wheeling (which is one of Mar’s favourite things to do).
Maddie thought we should bring a couple of cows into the barn for Marlee’s birthday since Maddie feels that is a very special thing to do.
My “significant other” (a.k.a. boyfriend/partner, but a nice gentlemen I met over the weekend suggested I call him my “significant other” so it didn’t take so many words) wanted to buy Marlee a Beta fish for her birthday, so she is the proud owner of very pretty blue fish (might have the name of “Bubbles?”)
Maddie was maybe a bit more excited about Marlee. Maddie, whose birthday is only two weeks away, already had told me “whatever you buy Marlee, that’s what I want you to buy me.”
We also took the girls tadpole hunting, and we likely could have put some of them in a jar and they would have been just as pleased as anything.
Tadpoles and putting a few cows in the barn would have been a pretty special birthday present!
• • •
“Salt” and “Pepper,” our twin lambs, went to Clover Valley Farmers’ Market in Fort Frances on Saturday.
They were starting to get pretty noisy by the time the market was over since they hadn’t seen mom for a few hours and all they could think about was milk!
I was supposed to be working for the Rainy River Stewardship Council with trees and mason bee boxes, and just simply promoting what the committee is doing. Fortunately, my mom, Maddie, Marlee, and another vendor, Melissa, helped with “Salt” and “Pepper” so I could try to work at both displays.
My “significant other” spent most of the time running for food for the girls.
• • •
Joyce Young had invited me to bring the girls over to see some of the miniature horses. I had seen her recently in Emo and she told me that she had a very cute little foal, so we went for a quick visit to see the new addition.
What an adorable little creature. Her name was “Jasmine” and she was a beautiful mini that likely didn’t weight much more than “Salt” or “Pepper.”
I had called first to see if Joyce was in but there was no answer, so Maddie was convinced we should drive over because she was sure she likely was just out in the barn.
She is expecting a bunch of foals near the beginning of June. I certainly thank her and her granddaughter for the nice visit.
• • •
By now most of you likely have heard that Wayne Flatt (a farmer from north of Emo) had a cow that delivered triplets last week!
This is extremely exciting and a once-in-a-lifetime event.
I visited the three little red bulls and they were simply awesome. As soon as I received word about this, I started to spread the good news. Wayne and his calves have been advertised all across Canada and the U.S. now.
I realize some people don’t understand how rare this is, but think about it in human beings–it don’t happen that often. Wayne’s cow certainly will have her work cut out for her!
My friend, Gary, who passed away in 2008, always told me that he hoped he could have triplets before he retired from farming. He would be so pleased for Wayne.
• • •
I went and helped celebrate Ken and Marilyn McKinnon’s 50th wedding anniversary over the weekend. They had a very large celebration, with lots of good visiting and socializing.
Congratulations to both of them—50 years is a long time and you can darn well bet it hasn’t all been easy, but they have found a way to manage through it all, raise two nice boys, and now have the pleasure of three grandchildren!
Wishing them both 50 more!

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