Man fined for letting moose meat rot in bush

the MNR

A southern Ontario hunter has been fined $2,800 for letting moose meat rot and then leaving it in the bush.
James O’Brien of Bowmanville was convicted of permitting the flesh of a moose to become unsuitable for human consumption.
The court heard that on October 11, 2008, O’Brien was part of a large hunting party that harvested a bull moose near Bedivere Lake, about 140 kilometres northwest of Thunder Bay. The moose was hung at the party’s hunt camp with the hide still attached for several days during warm weather until the hunters noticed the meat had turned green and started to smell. The party then removed the tag from the moose to avoid detection and abandoned it in the bush away from their camp. The hunters kept the antlers.
Acting on an anonymous tip, Ministry of Natural Resources conservation officers in southern Ontario interviewed members of the hunting party. O’Brien took responsibility for the incident.
Justice of the Peace Robert Michels heard the case in the Ontario Court of Justice, Thunder Bay, on July 8, 2009.
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