Malicious mailout lowest form of politics

Dona Cadman, the Conservative MP from Surrey North, is using our federal tax dollars to send the families of our riding a piece of mail that attempts to deliberately mislead you on an important issue for their own electoral gain—and smear my good name in the process.
The piece of mail in question, which started to hit mailboxes last Monday, prominently features the following words on its cover: “Your Member of Parliament, John Rafferty, worked to support the [long gun] registry and end the amnesty.”
The mailing mentions me by name and claims that I undertook an action that I did not. No evidence whatsoever is provided to support the above claim and no example cited as to how I may have done such a thing.
It is a baseless personal attack that makes a false claim, and since it was published and circulated in the public domain, I believe it fits the legal definition of libel.
Because of this, you should know I’m actively weighing all options at my disposal to protect and defend my good name and reputation against this attack.
The worst part of this mailing is that the perpetrators had to have known–without question–that the claim they were making was false. How do I know this? Because in my very first speech in the House of Commons on Nov. 20, 2008, I remarked in clear and plain language that I did not support the long gun registry and would work with other MPs to get rid of it.
To ensure that getting rid of the long gun registry was what you actually wanted, I sent a survey to each household in our riding asking your opinion on the matter.
When 96 percent of you indicated you wanted the registry abolished, I sent a follow-up mailing out to each household stating I would respect your wishes and vote in support Bill C-391, which is the only bill before Parliament that would abolish the long gun registry once and for all.
I publicized the results of that survey and my decision to respect it by issuing a joint media release with another MP that reaffirmed my commitment to support Bill C-391 and abolish the long gun registry.
In the days after that release was sent out, its contents were written about widely in local newspapers, reported on the radio, and published on popular websites that regularly are archived by Google.
Furthermore, I also have re-affirmed my position in private conversations with MPs from all parties, including Candice Hoeppner, the Conservative MP who tabled Bill C-391 in the House of Commons.
In fact, Ms. Hoeppner referred to my consistent support for her bill in her speech at second reading on Sept. 28 and remarked, “I want to thank my colleagues from across the floor from Thunder Bay-Superior North and from Thunder Bay-Rainy River for all of their support and their courage in regard to Bill C-391.”
Ms. Cadman and other Conservative MPs who concern themselves with this issue surely would have known of my commitment if they had performed even a simple check of the Hansard, performed a single search on Google, or even asked their colleague who sponsored Bill C-391 about their false claims.
No one can be that incompetent so I believe they must have checked their facts, knew this claim was false, but decided to send the mailing out anyway.
In the end, the real issue this Conservative mailing raises is not the long gun registry, it is trust. Whether or not you agree with the results of the survey or my decision to respect the results, you must know that all of the work I’ve undertaken on this issue has been done in opposition to the long gun registry and in support Bill C-391—and that my work has been carried out in the most public way possible.
This malicious mailing from the Conservative MP for Surrey North seeks to invalidate my hard work, to undermine the trust you have placed in me as your elected representative, and has been undertaken for the single purpose of confusing and misleading you and others into voting for their party.
It is the lowest form of politics.
Given my record in the House of Commons, my communications with you in various mailings, and my repeated comments in the media, there can be no mistake: I oppose the long gun registry and will vote in support Bill C-391 that’s currently scheduled for a its first vote on Nov. 4.
There are no grounds–none–for the claims made in the mailing sent to you from the Conservative MP for Surrey North and I consider that act to be defamatory.
In closing, I want you to know your trust in me has not been misplaced and that I remain committed to abolishing the long gun registry just as I always have.
I hope you will reject the false (and what I believe to be libelous) claims being propagated by the Conservative MP from Surrey North within our riding and judge my commitment to abolishing the long gun registry on my actions to date and on how I vote on C-391 in November.

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