Make today a masterpiece

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow will come. But today is “your day!”
So why in the world do we waste time regretting yesterday. Of course, we all make mistakes. “If only we had done something different,” we think. Always forgetting that yesterday is gone—permanently gone!
And why do we worry about the things that may happen tomorrow, forgetting that we usually worry about the wrong things. Forgetting that when tomorrow comes it will be “today,” and we’ll be able to deal with whatever comes up.
In his book “Make Today Count,” John Maxwell talks about the importance of today.
“Make today a masterpiece,” recommends Maxwell, because today is the only day you’ll ever have. “The secret of your success (at any age) is determined by your daily agenda.”
And in this short 55-page book he recommends living by a “daily dozen.”
“If you make a few key decisions and manage them well in your daily agenda, you will succeed,” says Maxwell.
“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.”
Among his “daily dozen” are important things like attitude, priorities and growth.
Your attitude is a choice, says Maxwell. “If you desire to make your day a masterpiece, then you need to have a great attitude.”
Obviously, a “great attitude” is a positive attitude. But still it’s very easy to become negative sometimes.
That’s why Maxwell suggests that you begin each day with an attitude adjustment. Resolve to find something positive even in difficult circumstances. And try to find at least one positive person in every situation.
Yes, the world is full of negative people. But there are also lots of positive people. It’s up to you to seek them out.
And most of all, rid your vocabulary of negative words like “I can’t,” “I’m afraid” and “I don’t have the time.” Replace them with “I can,” “I’m confident” and “I will make the time.”
A positive attitude will go a long way toward making today a masterpiece.
Maxwell, a New York Times bestselling author, says that setting priorities has been the most helpful of the “daily dozen” for him. He personally lives his life by Pareto’s 20/80 rule—by focusing on the top 20 percent of his priorities that create 80 percent of the results.
No matter what your days are like, set priorities for the day and follow your plan. Use your time carefully. This day–this 24-hour time span–is a very precious gift. Don’t waste it.
And the older you are, the more important it is to make every day count!
The last, and most important, of the “daily dozen” is growth.
Make a decision to seek and experience growth every day. And put into practice what you learn.
Read in your interest area. Listen to lectures. Learn a new computer program. Or if you’re interested in cooking, try a new recipe. Do whatever you’re interested in, but make a goal to grow in some way each day.
And always remember that today is the most important day of your life.
Says Maxwell, “By making today great, you can make your life great, because when you take care of today, tomorrow will take care of itself.”
Copyright 2009 Marie Snider

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