Make every night New Year’s

New Year’s Eve—the famed night of parties and celebration—and there was nothing to do here in Fort Frances.
My friends and I, all legal age so the opportunities should have been boundless, just sat there practically watching the clock.
We didn’t want to sit around and waste what should have been the best night of the year, so we decided to act on the one fallback option that Fort Frances has to offer—go over to the movie theatre in International Falls.
We decided to go to “Walk Hard,” the obvious choice of the five options offered there.
After all, Judd Apatow, the writer of “Knocked Up” and “Superbad,” also was the co-writer and producer of this comedy flick. And to no one’s surprise it was a hilarious movie.
It was a spoof—a simple satire about the seriousness and heroism that we place on less-than-perfect individuals who Hollywood has decided we owe something to.
That got me thinking. Maybe we place too much importance on New Year’s Eve.
It really is just another commercialized night in the holiday season and it really is less than perfect. Can anyone remember the last time that New Year’s Eve was their absolute best night of the year, as it should have been?
Personally, my best night of year fell on Dec. 27—four days earlier than it should have been according to tradition. As most people know, Dec. 27 was the premiere of “The Show” by producer/writer Andrew George.
Now that was a party. I gladly will call that night my New Year’s celebration. It was a great turnout and the after-party was an awesome time.
I say, instead of trying so hard to make one specific night the best night ever, and instead of putting so much pressure on ourselves to have fun, we should just seek to have fun all year-round.
The thing is that quite a bit goes on for us to do, we just never go.
Between “tour de Fort,” high school plays, dance recitals, the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship, and concerts by bands from neighbouring communities, we should never be bored.
But we always seem to be holding out for something better—thinking fun can only happen if we are doing specific things at specific times.
We ignore what the town offers and instead we sit there and plan New Year’s Eve, which is most likely going to be a bust anyway. We need to stop de-glamorizing certain events that our town offers and we just need to go and enjoy ourselves.
Who cares if it’s the “wrong” night or the “wrong” event, just go! With this attitude, we can make every night New Year’s Eve. We can solve the impossible question of “What is there to do tonight?”

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