Looking forward to another summer lake season

As I sat on my deck at the lake Sunday, the solitude of the island occasionally was broken by a large jet heading northwest over Rainy Lake.
The sound of the engines trailed far behind the shining silver body with the two white trails of water vapour being thrown off by the plane.
A red squirrel made several quick dashes across the deck and around the house. Normally they like to chatter to announce their presence, but the only sound heard was thump, thump as they bounded over the boards.
Out in the bay, three loons were dancing over the water. It looks as if we have new residents taking over the nesting site on the island.
Then “whoosh, whoosh” grabbed my attention and I looked up as a low-flying bald eagle beat its wings heading towards a tall white pine tree on the point across the bay.
Somewhere in the background, a woodpecker furiously was banging its head against a hollow tree and the sound reverberated across the island.
We were the only visible light on the lake Friday and Saturday night. But I suspect the marina will be a busy place this coming weekend as residents rush to launch their boats and make their way to their cottages.
A few blowdown trees were cut into firewood and split on Saturday in the coolness of the morning. Stacked, it now is drying for use next year.
Another weekend of cutting and splitting still will be required, but there is no shortage of firewood around the cabin.
Our Victoria Day weekend is not far away and friends of ours already have called to see if we will be at the lake the following weekend for their Memorial Day holiday.
They’ll make their way to Canada from southern Wisconsin, and their weekend visit is an eight-hour road trip each way.
Living so close to our cottage, we often forget how lucky we are to be in Fort Frances.
Any day now, we expect to see the arrival of our lake neighbour, Larry Greif. I hope he’ll bring some of the Belize weather with him that he enjoys all winter.
Next week, his brother, Phillip, and wife, Carole, should arrive from Arizona for the summer months.
Our Saturday night suppers at the lake will resume. Sitting around our big trestle table, stories will be shared of activities that took place over the late fall and winter months.
Laughter, humour, and kidding will be shared—and the warming sounds from the cabin will echo across the lake.
As others arrive over the next several months, they, too, will join us for weekend meals and our lake family will grow.
The hot tub probably will be filled this next weekend, and the water will be heated through the firebox stove in the tub.
At this time of the year, the water comes out of the lake crystal clear. The cedar will take some time to swell and the tub will leak for a day or two.
After the sun sets, the tub and the water’s heat provides a wonderful relaxing environment to look out over Rainy Lake and see the stars and the lands blending together.
The summer lake season is about to begin.

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